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dijous, 3 de juny de 2010

Un altre!

Dos concerts Brunetti en un sol mes, increíble! Ara faltaria un disc, que fa vuit anys que no n'apareix cap. Al festival de música antiga "Missions de Chiquitos", el darrer 26 d'abril, a Bolívia:
"And finally, two concerts at the Parroquia San Roque of Santa Cruz: a group from our Mendoza, the Violetta Club led by Gabriela Guembe, featuring our own Herald collaborator Ramiro Albino in recorders and an outstanding soprano, Griselda López: a fascinating programme of Latin American Baroque music from Mexico to Bolivia, admirably done. And a Spanish group, La Tempestad, an instrumental quartet who gave us with good playing such little-known composers as Gaetano Brunetti, Domingo Porretti and Manuel Cavaza, along with two of Johann Sebastian Bach’s sons, Carl Philipp Emmanuel and Johann Christoph Friedrich."
Se n'han d'anar a Bolívia a tocar Brunetti.
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